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Frac360° Aftermarket Services

Maintaining the integrity of pressure containing components is paramount to safety and operational efficiency. During well stimulation operations, frac valves serve as a primary source for well-control. Our aftermarket services are committed to managing our customers risk, prevent downtime, and delivering the highest ROI possible.

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Rigorous Testing
Our experts ensure your frac assets are in compliance & optimized for performance.
Quality Focused
Quality frac valve repair services & refurbishment at convienent service centers.
Broad Valve Experience
We adhere to a strict set of standards when repairing & maintaining customer property.
Repair Tiers

The Highest Standards of Quality. The Fastest Turnaround.

Redress Only (Consumable Seals)
Replace soft goods and bonnet seal rings including labor to disassemble, inspect, rebuild, chase threads, test, grease and paint with Certificate of Conformance (COC) documentation.
Redress Only (Consumable Seals & Hard Goods)
Includes Tier 1 parts and services + replacement of hard goods including gate, seats, and 9/16″ Autoclave grease fittings.
Redress & Repair (Skimming/Oversize Machining)
Includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 parts and services + machine skim cuts of Body and Bonnet sealing surfaces. Seat Pockets can be oversized to fit AWC’s Step Seat Program. Tier 3 also includes post-machine liquid penetrant & dimensional inspection.
Redress & Repair (Full)
Includes Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 parts and services + full low-alloy carbon, stainless steel or inconel weld and machine repair of body, seat pockets, and bonnets where necessary. Also includes post-weld heat treatment (PWHT), liquid penetrant pre-weld, post-machine inspection, and hardness-punch inspection.
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Bonnet Seal Ring (BSR) groove full weld repair with options for Low-Alloy Carbon, 316 Stainless Steel or Inconel
Bonnet Seal Ring (BSR) groove skim cut machine repair
Flange Seal Ring (FSR) groove full weld repair with options for Low-Alloy Carbon, Stainless Steel or Inconel
Flange Seal Ring (FSR) groove skim cut machine repair
Seat pocket skim cut oversize machine repair to next seat step size
Stud hole thread inspection and re-tapping service
Valve disassembly and inspection
Stud removal
Full valve reassembly back to OEM spec including hydrostatic pressure testing, grease and paint with Certificate of Conformance (COC)
Ancillary equipment skim cut and weld repair (Frac heads, goat heads, spools, tees, and flow crosses)
Post-weld heat treat (PWHT) required to relieve internal stress in parts that have been weld repaired
Manual-to-hydraulic valve operator conversion
Customer property asset management
Liquid Penetrant (LP) dye inspection
Hydraulic actuator repair

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