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Less-Grease (LG) Frac Valve

Introducing the patent-pending Less-Grease (LG) Valve, an exciting innovation that surpasses other greaseless frac valves on the market. The LG Valve can help optimize your operations while reducing maintenance expenses and downtime. With a cost-effective option to convert your existing AWC inventory or those of most major competitors, you can say goodbye to constant greasing and embrace this groundbreaking technology. Get ready to revolutionize your frac operations with our latest breakthrough.

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Greaseless Frac Valve

Features & Benefits

Grease Reduction
Experience reduction of 90% or more in grease usage, leading to significant cost savings and improved safety measures.
Maintenance Reduction
Witness a 75% decrease in maintenance costs, contributing to improved utilization and operational efficiency.
Extended Life
Benefit from a significantly extended valve lifespan, leading to cost savings typically incurred from heat treating and welding. This ensures optimal long-term performance.
Capital Investment
Our expertise extends to converting not just our valves, but also most leading competitors’, saving you time and resources by eliminating the need to purchase a greaseless frac valve fleet.

Production & Cost Benefits

Cost-Effective Solution - Convert existing valve fleets without the need for significant capital investment, saving time and resources.
Revolutionary Innovation - Redefine industry standards with our less-grease valve option, enhancing reliability and operational efficiency.
Enhanced Reliability - Address common issues such as valve sanding-off and leaks, ensuring smoother frac operations and enhanced safety standards.

Ready to optimize your operations with the Less-Grease Frac Valve?

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