AWC Frac Technology

Hydraulic Power Unit & Frac Valve Control Panels

The single, high-performance, fully redundant hydraulic power unit (HPU) distributes power to control panels connected to each frac tree, with each panel controlling six valves.

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Frac Valve Control System

The AWC frac-valve control system allows the operator to maintain control of all the hydraulic valves on-site without the need for expensive and maintenance heavy closing units

Compared to conventional set-ups having an HPU (accumulator) for each well, this streamlined system boosts reliability, saves pad space, reduces fuel consumption, emissions, and overall frac expense. In other words, it’s a perfect match for any multi-well frac spread, conventional or electric.

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Important ESG & HSE Benefits

Valve operation from outside the red zone
Low transportation and set-up costs
Positive valve selection and control
Small footprint, easy placement
Rigorous manufacturing and quality control
All premium materials and components
Less equipment to maintain
Diesel or electric power
Full HPU/accumulator redundancy
Best-in-class aftermarket service
Custom branding available

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